From the old shoes, 2011
Acrylic on wood panel, varnish.
45 х 33 cm

Untitled. 2011. Acrylic on wood, varnish. 45 x 33 sm
Four seasons. Acrylic on wood, varnish. 80 x 55 cm
Sergey Pahomov

Born in Moscow, 1966.
Lives and works in Moscow

2012 Gaiety is the Most Outstanding Feature of the Soviet Union. Saatchi Gallery. London
Altare, M. & J. Guelman Gallery, Moscow
2010 Red Twig, ArtRaum Gallery, Moscow
2009 Yellow, D137 Gallery, St.Petersburg
Bony Barin, Gallery Tseh V, Vinzavod, Moscow
2008 We are already dead or Pizdulkin listening, D137 Gallery, St.Petersburg
1994 Seasons, with Evgeny Semeyonov, Kultur Kontakt, Wien
1993 Miniatyuri Sokolova, with Evgeny Semeyonov, Central House of Artist, Moscow

2011 Russian Landscape, Guelman Gallery, Moscow
2010 Alla Gloria Militar, Aircraft Gallery, Bratislava
Duel, Ruarts Gallery, Moscow
Art Therapy, State Tretjakov Gallery, Moscow
Birth of Darwin, Darwin museum, Moscow

1996 Neuve Zwerg, an der Berliner Mauer, East Side Gallery, Berlin
The 4th international Biennal, Konigsberg
1994 To the memory of A.V.Kharitonov, State Tretjakov Gal. Moscow
199Traditions and postmodernism, State Tretjakov Gallery, Moscow
1992Art-expo 92, New York
1991 Gruppenausstellung, Natan Fedorovskij Galerie, Berlin, Basel
1989 Art contemporain, Ader Picard Tajan, Drouot Richelieu, Paris
1988 First erotic exibition, Vasiliev's Theatre, Moscow
1987 Iris, Club Avangardistov Gallary, Moscow
1985-86 Alternative home exhibitions, Moscow