From the series "Luxe". Fireplace. 2011.
Acrylic on canvas
92 х 105 sm

Sergey Anufriev

Sergey Anufriev was born in 1964 in a family of artists and nonconformists of Moscow origin in Odessa. The cultural movement of the 1960's turned Odessa into the center of the modern art world of the southern Russia and the only home of unofficial culture in Ukraine. These people brought out a new wave of modern art. Lack of an audience forced its young participants to move to Moscow, thus establishing a trend for future generations of young modern artists in Odessa.
This creative potential was born in an atmosphere in which Odessa was connected to many islands of a «second culture» (Moscow, Leningrad, the Baltic states, the Crimea, Central Asia, and Siberia). Sergey Anufriev realized this potential when he moved to Moscow and started his individual career in the circle of conceptualists.

1986 Moscow, Sergey Anufriev was elected the head of the Avant-garde Club (CLAVA).

1987 he participated in the project «Pop Mechanics» and together with Jury Leiderman from Odessa and a moscovite Pavel Pepperstein was a founding member of the Medical Hermeneutics Inspection Group

1990 Exhibitions as a participant of the Medical Hermeneutics Inspection Group: Dumont, Kunsthalle Duseldorf, Germany; Between Spring and Summer, USA
Exhibitions together with Sergey Bugaev (Afrika): Stedelijk Museum, Amsterdam, Ludwig Museum, Cologne, Carini Gallery, Florence etc

1991 Sergey Anufriev becomes a founder of an art group «Cloudy Commission». The group participated in the Venice Biennale of contemporary art and was represented by an Italian gallery «Sprovieri».

1994-1997 Sergey Anufriev together with P. Pepperstein delivers lectures in different art colleges in Western Europe (Städelschule, Frankfurt am Main, Germany, 1994 Umea Academy of Fine Arts, Sweden, 1996, etc.)

1996 Sergey Anufriev in cooperation with Eugene Shelipovskiy and Andrey Sobolev created Tartu group in Moscow, an artistic association, producing secret practices in modern art.

1998 in Odessa Anufriev founded the Kosa group with its primary task to establish probabilistic thinking of a creative personality.

2001-2002 Sergey Anufriev worked as an art director in the Gelman Gallery in Kiev, then in Moscow.

2003 he moved to St. Petersburg to carry out some experimental projects with Sergey Bugaev (Africa).

2004 he founded a Russian artistic society to engage in developing of new pictorial practices.

2007 paticipation in the exhibition «I believe», 2nd Moscow Biennuale of Modern Art as a co-founder of the Gaz Group.
Foundation of a new trend — Patternism. «Patternism Manifest».
«Art-Raiders» — collective project in Odessa flea market.

2008 «Declaration of Patternism». Group show in London exhibiting first patternistic series- «Pleroma».

2009 «Calling for Patternism» and other texts on Patternism. The remake of 1983 work «Good artist — Dead artist» is shown in a group show with a same name at «Ru.Arts.» gallery, Moscow.

2010 Personal exhibition in Guelman gallery showing"Pleroma" series. Curatorship in Odessa Biennale. Participating in «Art Kijev» with"Jack Pot" series

2011 Personal show in RuArts Gallery (Moscow) «Patternism»


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