Joy Police.Cake
2010. Digital print on canvas. Edition of 5 + 2 AP
Joy Police. 2010. Digital print on canvas. Edition of 5 + 2 AP
Babka. 2012
Canvas, acrylic
Babki. 2013
Canvas, acrylic, 50х50 см
bitch, 2013
Canvas, acrylic
70х70 cм
High. 2013
Acrylic on canvas
70x70 sm
Just you wait! 2012. Acrylic on fiberboards
50 x 70 sm
From the series "Missed Scenes". Hair. 2009
Acrylic on canvas
70x60 sm
From the series "Gammas". Nikifor Krylov. Russian Winter. 2010
Acrylic on canvas
65 x 65 sm
Mobil, 2014 170х190
Liudmila Konstantinova

Born in Moscow, 1980. Studied industrial architecture at the Moscow Architectural Institute. Also studied at the Institute of Contemporary Art (ICA). For a long time was working for different magazines as an illustrator. Since participating different exhibitions. From 2010 she is a member of the «VGLAZ» (in the eye) art society. With a group of artists that form this society regularly participating their group shows at the «K.O.P.» studio and beyond.

My works you may find in the collection of the Tretyakov gallery (Moscow), Saatchi gallery (London) as well as in private collections.

Seletcted exhibitions:
2015 This is not abstraction, personal show, Triangle gallery, Moscow.
2015 Enlightenment, 6th Moscow Bienniale of contemporary art, Cybercube, Skolkovo, Moscow.
2015 Pink box, Erarta Museum, St-Petersbourg.
2015 Liberation continued, Graz Museum, Graz.
2014 Chintz revolution, Triangle gallery, Moscow.
2014 Vglaz metamorphosis, Pechersky gallery, Moscow.
2013 The VGLAZ society- Sunny side of the Lenin street. Geneve.
2013 Parts of the whole, 5th Moscow Biennial Exhibition of Modern Art, CCA Winzavod, Moscow.
2012 Gaiety is the Most Outstanding Feature of the Soviet Union. Saatchi Gallery. London.
2011 Jollie Numbers, Sotheby's, Moscow.
2011 Races . Arthouse Squat Forum. Moscow.
2011 Russian Cosmism. Art Ru Agency, Moscow.
2011 Malevich's Spiral. Theatre «School of Contemporary Drama», Moscow.
2011 Russian Landscape. Gallery M. & J. Guelman, Moscow.
2010 Moscow in a Briefcase. Les Salaisons, Romanville, France.
2010 VGLAZ, Lenivka Gallery, Moscow.
2009 Gosha & Luda 4 Kids. Gallery Triumph, Moscow.
2008 Fast Art 24. Winzavod, Moscow.
2008 Invasion/Evasion. Baibakov Art Projects, Moscow.
2007 Marriage, VinZavod Centre of Contemporary Art, Moscow.
2007 Unionists, Embassy of the European Union, Moscow.
2006 White People. Gallery S'Art, Moscow.
2006 Morg (Moscow Organisation) The Central House of Artists, Moscow.
2006 Tramp, The Central House of Artists, Moscow.
2006 Motherland Project at Kunstvlaai6, Amsterdam.
2006 VELIKOLEPNO, WAM Gallery, Moscow.
2005 Russian Pop Art. State Tretyakov Gallery, Moscow.
2005 Gender Passions, group exhibition within the 1st Moscow Biennial Exhibition of Modern Art, Museum of Modern Art, Moscow.
2005 Pusto, video-festival, Art-Strelka, Moscow.
2005 Russian Pop-Art, group exhibition, Tretyakov Gallery, Moscow.
2005 Gesamt(kunst)werk , Festival of young artists "Stop! Who`s going?", Fabrika project, Moscow.
2004 Art-Klyazma Festival, Moscow region.
2003 Moscow Festival for Young Art «Stop! Who is it?» Moscow.
2003 Background, metro coach Moscow.
2003 ArtKlyazma, Klyazmenskoye Water Reservoir holiday hotel, Moscow Region Substitute.
2003 Frontiers of childhood, ArtEk gallery, London.
2003 Losk, personal project, BOOKAFE, Moscow.
2002 Extended-Day Class exhibition held to mark graduation from the course at the Institute of Modern Arts, Moscow.
2002 Freebies-2. Postcards, Cult Club, Moscow.
2002 Motherland-Fatherland, Forum of Artistic Initiatives, New Manege,Moscow.
2002 Amelioration, or Art for a Better Life, Klyazmenskoye Water Reservoir holiday hotel, Moscow Region.
2002 A-REAL001 international festival of modern arts in urban culture, Ekaterinburg.
2001 Adaptation, Sakharov Museum Centre, Мoscow.
2001 Among Things, Museum of Decorative and Applied Arts, Moscow.
2001 Fashion Show in the Cloakroom, L Gallery, Moscow.
2001 ArtAsTourism, Forum of Artistic Initiatives, New Manege, Moscow.
2001 Propaganda of the Arts, Gelman Gallery, Moscow.
2001 Among the Things. Museum of Decorative Arts, Moscow.