MATERIA PRIMA offers the finest selection of Russian contemporary art.

Historical changes often go unnoticed, especially in case of recent past. In order to define the fundamentals, we have to invent milestones for unifying ceremonies that draw worldwide attention and serve not only as a point of reference, but also become a ground for new beginnings.

Since 80's Olympics Russian art scene has been in a state of constant turmoil. To quote Boris Groys: "While the West was a land of the subconscious for the East, the East played a similar role for the West." International isolation facing subsequent wave of global cultural influence resulted in an eclectic landscape, where post-soviet environment fuses with unique practices of contemporary Russian artists.

It offers the finest selection of artists that try to interpret and explore visual language of the period since the milestone passed. It is an attempt to draw attention to exemplary material formed under outstanding circumstances.

Materia Prima - is the garage where works of Russian artists are represented.
It is located in authentic Moscow's backyard, close to the Hermitage Garden.
The project has taken its name from the Moscow's heavy metal band «Materia Prima»
Materia Prima is honest artistic statement on Russian reality.

Each work is provided with a certificate of authenticity and curator's commentary on the context of selected piece.

Contact us if you are interested in this artworks. We love to communicate with our clients.
Moscow, Malyy кaretnyy pereulok 9
Near the Hermitage garden

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